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Otium sine litteris mors est.


* If we ever experienced a problem anywhere, it came about, in some degree, due to certain wrong assumptions, either co-present with, or just prior to the given problem's actually taking place.
* Unless you believe in God, the One, and or the infinite, every assumption is contingent.
* PROCESS (or if you prefer spirit, or activity) PRECEDES IMAGE. Image may, to some extent, (and sometimes almost perfectly) represent process. But process is always superior to and always more real than image. If process precedes image this might suggest also that mind precedes matter and energy.
* Everything we believe, or say we know, is based on a factual or value judgment. Both kinds of judgment always entail the other to some extent, and nothing can be known or exists for us without them.
* No fact or purported fact is true or false without someone to assert and believe it to be such. If an assertion or claim is deemed true or false then, and we are thorough, we should ask who is it that says so (or has said so), and what criteria are (were) they using? There is no such thing as "faceless" truth or reality -- at least none we are capable of knowing.
* You can't escape reason. If you aren't rational yourself, someone else will be rational for you; nor do their intentions toward you need to be friendly or benevolent.
* Every point of view and opinion has its truth to it -- even the most abhorrent and unacceptable to us. This said, we are naturally inclined to assume that some opinions have much greater truth to them than others. Even so, what little truth there is in any point of view must, at least at some juncture, and certainly with respect to issues of heated controversy, be justly and reasonably respected. Why? Because we would not be honest (and therefore not truthful) if we didn't.
*Ultimately, and when all is said and done, thought without heart is nothing.
* Most, if not all, of society's very worst problems arise from (certain) spirit people and those who listen to them -- whether the former comes in the shape of "God," angel, devil or what have you. It is these people who are most the source and cause of real unhappiness. If then you chance to have contact with such, while having (one assumes) overcome their lures, deceptions, and pretenses of benevolence and higher knowledge, I recommend that this (i.e., "unhappiness" or "unhappiness itself") is what you call them. Blame and curse them for (most) everything wrong; for it is it is they who have been and are the ruin of everyone and everything (that is, if anyone is or could be said to be so.)

"When you can face me, I'll consider taking you seriously."
"Millions for defense; not one cent for tribute!"
"The whole of the city is at the mercy of a gang of criminals, led by a man who calls
himself 'the Kid.' And I'm the only one who can find him for you." (RE see here.)


Another curious facet of pagan and Old Testament deity in their relation towards regular people is that they would punish someone most severely, even with death, for doing something the latter either could not help or did not know was wrong. For instance, Actaeon in chancing upon Diana bathing, or Uzzah touching the ark to keep it from falling (2 Samuel 6:7.) This same mentality persists to day with criminal spirit people, and would seem to be the result of there simply being little in the way to hold them in check from such arrogance. And yet were it possible for humanity as whole to stand up to them, how then would they act? But, as per the tower of Babel, someone might say, such is not possible; so that by being divided, and prohibited from honest rational discussion, we are conquered and subjugated to an extent that arguably stems really not from necessity, but rather our own irrationality and childishness. To what do we serve after all? Equitable justice, morality and honest truth, or brute force? But then in treating animals and fellow humans unjustly and dishonestly, only works to make us more vulnerable, subservient and answerable to criminal spirit people tyranny.


Historically gods are wrathfully violent for several possible reasons. The two most prominent of these seem to be A. trespassing on a god's rights or sanctity or B. Jealousy. This is true in both paganism and pre-Christian monotheism. Now while the first of these seems fairly understandable, how is that jealousy takes on divine importance? This emotional trait it seems is of no little significance because it provides us with a very important clue about the psychology of spirit people. Indeed, when you think about it, it seems to reflect an inadequacy that brings them down to the level of mere human. Should we then or are we rightly or "divinely" punished by that which is merely human? True, occasionally such as a Greek hero might take exception to a deity's taking (what the hero sees as) unfair or unjust advantage. Otherwise and traditionally however we don't think to ask the question; since it is assumed "gods" are by their rank simply entitled to have their way. And yet...?


In a Word

If you asked me what is the number one problem in the world today I would say it was mind control and the effect it has on everything that goes on, whether individually or society wide. Yet who addresses this topic seriously? Certainly not anywhere nearly as many as there should be.

One party is the Sadducees, the other the Pharisees, with a third party behind them hidden, manipulating and playing off of both of the former. All claim to know better, yet it is honest truth that is routinely crucified and by them all, or at least those among them who are not honest and duly rational.

The fact of the matter is that when push comes to shove if honest reason does not prevail, criminal spirit people will, and when they prevail you have torture, violence, murder. Why? Because torture, violence, murder are seen as viable alternatives to honest, rational discourse.

19 And this is judgment, that the light came into the world, but people preferred darkness to light, because their works were evil.
20 For everyone who does wicked things hates the light and does not come toward the light, so that his works might not be exposed.
21 But whoever lives the truth comes to the light, so that his works may be clearly seen as done in God.


[ch. 1]
...But you have come within its walls for the very purpose of trampling the wicked one under foot in his chosen abode. You had already in pitched battle outside utterly overcome him; let him have no reason, then, to say to himself, “They are now in my domain; with vile hatreds I shall tempt them, with defections or dissensions among themselves.” Let him fly from your presence, and skulk away into his own abysses, shrunken and torpid, as though he were an outcharmed or smoked-out snake. Give him not the success in his own kingdom of setting you at variance with each other, but let him find you armed and fortified with concord; for peace among you is battle with him. Some, not able to find this peace in the Church, have been used to seek it from the imprisoned martyrs. And so you ought to have it dwelling with you, and to cherish it, and to guard it, that you may be able perhaps to bestow it upon others.
~ Tertullian (c.160–220 AD), To the Martyrs


[Posted earlier at the Lee's Legion page on Face Book]


In preparation for the upcoming holidays, I am working on a special .pdf transcription of the 1766 edition of Goody Two-Shoes. Although not wholly conclusive, scholarly consensus attributes authorship of this 18th century children's best seller, popular in America as well as Britain, to Oliver Goldsmith.

FOR THOSE WHO JUST CAN'T WAIT, here's a little teaser in the way of an excerpt.


[Posted on Face Book]

I yesterday wrote an email letter to the Library of Congress website complaining about their policy of disabling viewer comments from all their YouTube videos; most especially lectures where the public (including of course voters) is prevented from responding to speakers the government in effect is sponsoring. In sum, the answer I got was that what I was proposing, for reasons they gave, was unacceptable to the LOC. Since he makes reference to my taking my concerns to social media, I thought I would do the same here on FB. Here then is then is the response I received from news@loc.gov (and not personally signed by anyone, though the sender in the email address is given as one John Sayers or jsay@loc.gov .)

What then are we to conclude from this? That trolls have successfully managed to further undermine free speech and rational discussion in this country?


Thanks for your email about comments on videos on our YouTube channel.

The Library's mission with its YouTube channel is to increase discovery and accessibility of its videos, rather than ask the YouTube community for information or commentary on the content. Furthermore, unlike other social media, the overwhelming majority of comments on YouTube videos consist of spam, abusive or vulgar commentary or irrelevant postings that violate our comment and posting policy: https://www.loc.gov/legal/comment-and-posting-policy/

We determined that the staff resources needed to moderate this volume of problematic comments on an ever-increasing library of videos would result in fewer actual videos being made available. Therefore—much like most other government agencies with YouTube channels—we made the decision to turn off comments on all Library YouTube videos when we launched the channel in 2009.

We encourage the public to engage with us via our other media where comments are welcome, including Facebook and our Library of Congress blogs. For a list of all the Library's social media, visit https://www.loc.gov/connect/.

Office of Communications
Library of Congress
101 Independence Ave SE
Washington DC 20540-1601


[My original letter had read:]

As a United States citizen I would like to express my strong dissatisfaction at comments being disabled on the LOC YouTube videos. What could be the possible reason for this? If given comments by YT users are or contain profanity or hate speech or overt spam, YouTube provides channel owners the means of deleting such. Meantime, the government while sponsoring, for example, LOC lecture speakers to appear on YouTube ought to give the public an opportunity to respond to what they are hearing. For instance, sometimes historian lectures provided a picture of history that well could stand correction and qualification or other constructive criticism. Comments by YouTube users make such corrections or qualifications to a speaker's assertions possible, and this as well only helps the public to be better informed and educated.
Please therefore change your YouTube policy and allow viewers comments on YouTube videos; your current approach is hardly worthy of a nation that prides itself on free speech and freedom of expression in the exchange of ideas.
Thanks for your attention to this.


With Jan Savage!

["SKY SAXON (THE SEEDS) - TRY TO UNDERSTAND HER (live at White Trash 09.01.2009)"]


An Imitation of Lucian

A: Do you mean to tell me someone his grown age, and he doesn't KNOW how to mind his own business?

B: Yes, certainly it is strange I grant you. But you must understand, he hails from Hooligan land, and in that country children, from a very young age, are regularly taught to be trouble makers, causing trouble all the time. That's just how those people are.

A; Why?

B: Well, for one they don't like the idea of people, or animals for that matter, having it too good. The reason for this I take it is that they don't feel our having it so is entirely fair to them.

A: In short then you are saying, no they won't stop torturing people and animals. The servant is worthy of his hire, indeed. One would have thought someone of his self-proclaimed importance could have done better for himself than rise no higher in the cosmic order of things than a disease or a horrible accident.

B: Your problem is you grossly underestimate and fail to take into consideration the both primordial and monolithic power childishness.


Here and briefly is some review for those who might find the following helpful; though most of which we have touched on here before at some point.

Some Reasons Why and What makes Professional Criminal Spirit People so Very Powerful

* 1. The can successfully masquerade as deity, and by unthinking people will be assumed to be such.
* 2. They have extraordinary means of frightening people. To give you two good examples, among the ancient Egyptians and Aztecs they would convey the idea that if such and such practice they proposed was not followed, the sun would not rise. This understood, the ancient Egyptians and Aztecs were (insofar as we know) sure to do what they were told.
* 3. In additions to being masters of psychology and mind control generally, (particularly when used against the less philosophically and rationally minded), they have what we might describe as dazzling spirit people "technology," including the ability to manipulate dreams, in which in turn they possess the seeming ability to control thousands of interacting elements and components (of, say, a dream) at once or simultaneously. This phenomena or experience could be likened to someone presenting a movie at the same time it is being filmed.
* 4. Money, bribery through regular person intermediaries.
* 5. Create and use peer pressure in a social setting and among a person's fellows in order to persuade them, including, for example, in cultural ideology, political, religious, business, and or academic circles.
* 6. Prevent rational and intelligent discussion about themselves and their existence.
* 7. Have and employ such as pretty girl spirit persons and or ghosts to be used as needed for effect, persuasion.
* 8. "If God doesn't prevent us, then it must be ok for us to do this."
* 9. Are capable of impersonating their enemies; thus making the latter look bad.
* 10. If need be they, and or through their henchmen, are capable of the most brutal and malicious violence and torture imaginable.

* "ORACLES," i.e., the above remarks, quotes, observations, poems, pictures, etc., posted here earlier (or the above continued.)

"Oracles": 2018 -- last updated 14 Nov. 2018 (.pdf)
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This page is set up to provide information about myself and my work.

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