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Otium sine litteris mors est.


* If we ever experienced a problem anywhere, it came about, in some degree, due to certain wrong assumptions, either co-present with, or just prior to the given problem's actually taking place.
* Unless you believe in God, the One, and or the infinite, every assumption is contingent.
* PROCESS (or if you prefer spirit, or activity) PRECEDES IMAGE. Image may, to some extent, (and sometimes almost perfectly) represent process. But process is always superior to and always more real than image. If process precedes image this might suggest also that mind precedes matter and energy.
* Everything we believe, or say we know, is based on a factual or value judgment. Both kinds of judgment always entail the other to some extent, and nothing can be known or exists for us without them.
* No fact or purported fact is true or false without someone to assert and believe it to be such. If an assertion or claim is deemed true or false then, and we are thorough, we should ask who is it that says so (or has said so), and what criteria are (were) they using? There is no such thing as "faceless" truth or reality -- at least none we are capable of knowing.
* You can't escape reason. If you aren't rational yourself, someone else will be rational for you; nor do their intentions toward you need to be friendly or benevolent.
* Every point of view and opinion has its truth to it -- even the most abhorrent and unacceptable to us. This said, we are naturally inclined to assume that some opinions have much greater truth to them than others. Even so, what little truth there is in any point of view must, at least at some juncture, and certainly with respect to issues of heated controversy, be justly and reasonably respected. Why? Because we would not be honest (and therefore not truthful) if we didn't.
*Ultimately, and when all is said and done, thought without heart is nothing.
* Most, if not all, of society's very worst problems arise from (certain) spirit people and those who listen to them -- whether the former comes in the shape of "God," angel, devil or what have you. It is these people who are most the source and cause of real unhappiness. If then you chance to have contact with such, while having (one assumes) overcome their lures, deceptions, and pretenses of benevolence and higher knowledge, I recommend that this (i.e., "unhappiness" or "unhappiness itself") is what you call them. Blame and curse them for (most) everything wrong; for it is it is they who have been and are the ruin of everyone and everything (that is, if anyone is or could be said to be so.)

"When you can face me, I'll consider taking you seriously."
"Millions for defense; not one cent for tribute!"
"The whole of the city is at the mercy of a gang of criminals, led by a man who calls
himself 'the Kid.' And I'm the only one who can find him for you." (RE see here.)


[ch. 2]
...For why should God, the founder of the universe, the Governor of the whole world, the Fashioner of humanity, the Sower of universal nations be believed to have given a law through Moses to one people, and not be said to have assigned it to all nations? For unless He had given it to all by no means would He have habitually permitted even proselytes out of the nations to have access to it. But— as is congruous with the goodness of God, and with His equity, as the Fashioner of mankind— He gave to all nations the selfsame law, which at definite and stated times He enjoined should be observed, when He willed, and through whom He willed, and as He willed...

...For whence was Noah “found righteous,” if in his case the righteousness of a natural law had not preceded? Whence was Abraham accounted “a friend of God,” if not on the ground of equity and righteousness, (in the observance) of a natural law? Whence was Melchizedek named “priest of the most high God,” if, before the priesthood of the Levitical law, there were not levites who were wont to offer sacrifices to God? For thus, after the above-mentioned patriarchs, was the Law given to Moses, at that (well-known) time after their exode from Egypt, after the interval and spaces of four hundred years. In fact, it was after Abraham's “four hundred and thirty years” that the Law was given. Whence we understand that God's law was anterior even to Moses, and was not first (given) in Horeb, nor in Sinai and in the desert, but was more ancient; (existing) first in paradise, subsequently reformed for the patriarchs, and so again for the Jews, at definite periods: so that we are not to give heed to Moses' Law as to the primitive law, but as to a subsequent, which at a definite period God has set forth to the Gentiles too and, after repeatedly promising so to do through the prophets, has reformed for the better; and has premonished that it should come to pass that, just as “the law was given through Moses” [John 1:17] at a definite time, so it should be believed to have been temporarily observed and kept. And let us not annul this power which God has, which reforms the law's precepts answerably to the circumstances of the times, with a view to man's salvation....
~ Tertullian (c.160–220 AD), An Answer to the Jews


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Dream Works (?)
"Won't you come home,
Tom Rossley,
Won't you come home?"..


The same people, and who brought "The Punisher" to the big and little screen as a way of promoting and cashing in on the frequent rash of school/.resort/etc. shootings, we are now told are looking askance at Johnny Depp as a threat to public morals while banning Woody Allen's new film for similar reason. Perhaps the greater pity of it all is is that we never really get to know who "they" are.
For more, see: "Rolling Stone just published a new profile of Johnny Depp. It’s damning."

See: https://www.vox.com/culture/2018/6/21/17489112/rolling-stone-johnny-depp-profile

[Later Note.] It just occurred to me -- we have this thing called the Central Intelligence Agency, and they are the ones in charge of gathering the most important secret information, right? Well, perhaps they could serve the good of the republic and the people by determining and disclosing to us who, by right of corporate monopoly (and who knows what else), are in large measure in charge of the nation's cultural heart and soul. Moreover, once finding this out, perhaps then Trump could send air strikes, delta force and or navy seals to give them the Ben Ladin treatment. What do you think?


Folly and ruin beyond belief.


"Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed"

I gave up watching television sometime in the early 1990s; so that when I first heard about 9/11, it was related to me by someone who happened to stop by and visit. This was about a little over a year after I had my own home turned into a literal haunted house for about two months (though my "ordeal" continued and was continuing otherwise.) My first reaction then to 9/11 was that as likely as not it was a hoax. The story was so absolutely crazy that it was understandable and easy to interpret it as such. Even to this day, I cannot say I am hundred percent sure 9/11 isn't all a hoax; though if it was necessary for me to assume a call on the question, as a practical matter I taken it as a given that it did actually take place.

I mention this because for the last few months I have spend a good deal of time listening to many of the reports, exposes, and documentaries on YouTube and the internet on the subject of 9/11. Some of these are quite brilliant, and if 9/11 did occur, I am astounded there has not been a formal government investigation to delve closely into the controversy and sundry mysteries related to. The list of persons and groups arguing that there is a cover up is most impressive, including professional pilots, government and military people, architects, scientists including physicists, credible and impartial activists, and more.

And yet there is a fundamental problem with all those who argue for conspiracy, and I use this word as legitimate, relevant and applicable since if 9/11 was not merely the work of supposed Muslim terrorists it necessarily was a conspiracy involving someone, and there is no reason we cannot invoke the term "conspiracy" without thinking we a are speaking in either a derogatory or sensational way (as Mark Lane and others have argued on this point.) This said, if it was governmental and corporate conspiracy that brought about 9/11, how is it possible that this conspiratorial group could plan things out decades in advance, and have organizational roots going back at least as far back as the JFK assassination? Once those who orchestrated these conspiracies designed to found a new world order or global communism run by bankers (as some have alleged), who is going to continue and resume this nefarious plan and ambition, the children of the conspirators? Even if you posit a family like the Rothschilds or Zionists, as some have done, what could possibly keep such a group together for so long, and without a clear, obvious and ostensible leader and head? Are we to understand these alleged conspirators, with multi-national connections, can be run and governed as a friendly and cooperating group without any in-fighting rivalries, and this over the span of decades or centuries?

I frankly don't know the answer myself to these questions. But inasmuch as I do know about criminal spirit people in extensive and lengthy first-hand dealing with them, my guess would be that only criminal spirit people would have the smarts, sophistication, motive and staying power to pull off such a thing, and that often times many who are blamed, say like Rumsfeld, Cheney, Mossad, Larry Silverstein, Dov Zhakeim, etc., etc. in 9/11 are themselves as likely as not largely unwitting patsys or Oswalds of a kind, but who are there to take the blame, so that the real perpetrators remain unseen. This is not to say that such alleged culprits are wholly without fault, only it is possible for people such as this to be merely pawns manipulated by much more powerful players. And who could be so powerful and simultaneously last so many decades or even centuries?

Sometimes in some YouTube efforts to get at the real powers that be, reference is made to Satan, masons, or the illuminati, but I don't things these are very helpful because they tend to sensationalize criminal spirit people. The guise of Satan or illuminati, these are costumes criminals spirit people and or their henchmen can put on to terrify and confuse people and, for practical purposes, are not really the people or things themselves, and thus are not only misleading, but as often as not intentionally so.

The way we can scientifically know criminal spirit people is by their effects, and looking into accounts and descriptions from duly rational and honest persons who’ve had dealings with them.

For starters, let's consider in what ways criminal spirit people, specifically sophisticated criminal spirit people, are powerful, and here's an off-hand list.

* They are master magicians and illusionists.
* They can impersonate God and divinity.
* They are consummate masters of psychology, and are learned in the finest and most minute details of both human behavior AND physiology.
* They have knowledge, experience and expertise going back centuries.
* It is absolutely forbidden to talk intelligently about them, even in brazen instances of their making appearances, such as (discussed recently here) Borley Rectory. (Interesting in this regard, you can talk space aliens seriously, but never or hardly ever ghosts.)
* They can and will take ANY side of ANY argument or position, and even possibly take over leadership of the same.
* They can scare, frighten and intimidate like no others.
* They can carry out crimes, including torture and murder, and if need be surreptitiously; that renders them great persuaders of the uncooperative, and are the ultimate and most highly skilled practitioners of the same methods.
* To some they are seen, not at all as criminals, but as friends and buddies to help "us" get through life, and who in addition are the experts and authority on most any and everything of consequence. BUT..."mum's the word."

It is completely amazing how people see corruption in the take over of the government and the news mass-media, but say nothing about how the various entertainment businesses are used assiduously to debase true art and corrupt people at large. Even JFK and 9/11 "truthers" talk about Hollywood directors and movies as if they represented true respectability and ordinary folk. We needed Oliver Stone to rescue the JFK movement, or "Wag the Dog" to show how 9/11 was possible. Yet who has been more prurient, salacious, viciously violent, foul mouthed, anti-free and fair competition than the entertainment industries? For a time Spielberg was treated as Pope of the movies, and Star War the cultural orthodoxy and state religion; masses will spend billions on Da Vinci Code and Harry Potter -- and all this is supposed to represent what the public really wants, and without even a whisper of protest. Honestly how stupid can people be? If anyone is suspicious of criminal ties it is the mass entertainment media. But again, not a peep. And yet the crooked government, the news media, the Rothschilds we know are all out to get us.

This is worth mentioning because no one else has done more to portray witchcraft, sorcery and criminal spirit people in an imposing and sympathetic light than the mass entertainment industries of the last some 40 years. So if you want to find possible bastions and hide-outs for criminal spirit people in our midst, at the very least I submit that here is one good place to find them, and not just the government, news media. Is "Hollywood" (or more properly neo-Hollywood) the "entertainment arm of the Pentagon?" Or is it perhaps and at last the other way around?

Now if you doubt what I claim, try to discuss the topic of spirit people scientifically. Try to find anyone else that does, and whether they are honest, truly rational, objective and legitimate. And one way you can test and find out is by trying to contact and have a conversation on the subject with me. I have tried now for over 18 years to do this, and have yet to get a single person that could or would so. So here at least, is one place to start, if you don't believe me. That I should be personally ignored does not bother me so much. I have the consolation of knowing that I did try to tell people. Yet when you consider the far greater implications of what I am asserting, it is nothing short of incomprehensibly idiotic, if not criminal, that this topic be brushed aside as inconsequential or irrelevant.

William Thomas Sherman
1604 NW 70th St.
Seattle, Washington 98117

[Later Note.] By the way and just incidentally, anybody have what is now the current BODY COUNT total, as in mysterious deaths, overdoses, suicides, etc., for "Hollywood," circa 1990-2018?

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    Since I mention it nowhere else at this website or in my writings, and just for the record -- I was born on March 23, 1961 in Rockville Centre, New York (on Long Island.) My father's side of the family was and is entirely Irish and lived in New York City; while my mother's was and is entirely Lithuanian and came from Ansonia, Connecticut. In the summer of 1972, my family (my father was in Reinsurance) moved to the Medina section of Bellevue, Washington, and have, for the most part, lived in the general Seattle area ever since. I graduated from the University of Washington in 1984 with a Bachelor of Arts in English. Since then I attended two years of Law School at Gonzaga University in Spokane, but dropped out for personal, moral and family reasons, before finishing. For most of the rest of my basic story, again, see my Narrative. For a more recent photograph (taken in April 2007), click here.

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