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* Nothing is, or is as it is, unless someone says and judges it to be so. Who then is (or who is it we say is) the judge, including the final judge?
* If we ever experienced a problem anywhere, it came about, in some degree, due to certain wrong assumptions, either co-present with, or just prior to the given problem's actually taking place.
* Unless you believe in God, the One, and or the infinite, every assumption is contingent.
* PROCESS (or if you prefer spirit, or activity) PRECEDES IMAGE. Image may, to some extent, (and sometimes almost perfectly) represent process. But process is always superior to and always more real than image. If process precedes image this might suggest also that mind precedes matter and energy.
* Everything we believe, or say we know, is based on a factual or value judgment. Both kinds of judgment always entail the other to some extent, and nothing can be known or exists for us without them.
* No fact or purported fact is true or false without someone to assert and believe it to be such. If an assertion or claim is deemed true or false then, and we are thorough, we should ask who is it that says so (or has said so), and what criteria are (were) they using? There is no such thing as "faceless" truth or reality -- at least none we are capable of knowing.
* You can't escape reason. If you aren't rational yourself, someone else will be rational for you; nor do their intentions toward you need to be friendly or benevolent.
* Every point of view and opinion has its truth to it -- even the most abhorrent and unacceptable to us. This said, we are naturally inclined to assume that some opinions have much greater truth to them than others. Even so, what little truth there is in any point of view must, at least at some juncture, and certainly with respect to issues of heated controversy, be justly and reasonably respected. Why? Because we would not be honest (and therefore not truthful) if we didn't.
*Ultimately, and when all is said and done, thought without heart is nothing.
* Most, if not all, of society's very worst problems arise from (certain) spirit people and those who listen to them -- whether the former comes in the shape of "God," angel, devil or what have you. It is these people who are most the source and cause of real unhappiness. If then you chance to have contact with such, while having (one assumes) overcome their lures, deceptions, and pretenses of benevolence and higher knowledge, I recommend that this (i.e., "unhappiness" or "unhappiness itself") is what you call them. Blame them for (most) everything wrong; for it is it is they who have been and are the ruin of everyone and everything (that is, if anyone is or could be said to be so.)

"When you can face me, I'll consider taking you seriously."
"Millions for defense; not one cent for tribute!"
"The whole of the city is at the mercy of a gang of criminals, led by a man who calls
himself 'the Kid.' And I'm the only one who can find him for you." (RE see here.)




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"On Reason, Morality and the would-be gods" (rough draft) continued from earlier.

In "The Ch-un Ts-ew, with the Tso Chuen: Duke Ch'aou" [And as found in "Chinese Classics" by James Legge, Vol. V. Part II (1872), p. 618], there is this passage:

"Tsze-t'ae-shuh asked his reason for making these arrangements, and Tsze-ch'an replied, 'When a ghost has a place to go to, it does not become an evil spirit...'" [Book X, Year VII.]

This helps to explain in part ancestor worship among such as the Chinese and Japanese, and yes indeed, and outside "fallen angels," criminal spirit people one infers originated largely from social outcasts, such as we contemplate with bands of robbers, thieves and other sorts of criminals; as persons who were displaced from or never had a proper home, family, or else morally minded brethren to find healthy companionship with. For this reason, there is certainly a place among feeling and compassionate persons to pity and sympathize with them. And yet such sympathy, if not guided by shrewdness and caution can simply be used against a person; as for instance when one pities and trusts a dangerous snake. Our pity is or might be justified, and yet if we are not careful, it might be used merely as a handle to bite and get the better of us. And even if it were possible to care for or take them in, it is only a matter of time before their owner shows up to claim them.

Such alienation they feel or live with is expressed and comes out in a variety of ways. This would include a penchant and with some an obsession to invade and act as an interloper and busy-body in the lives of others; getting attention, say and for example, by shocking and surprising people' showing off their skill at being able to perform some unusual trick or similarly putting on an very elaborate, perhaps show of some kind well planned out in advance, say like a "Candid Camera" or "Magic Christian" type stunt.

Likewise, to compensate for such inferiority and alienation as they might feel, they might put on airs and have you think them superior in some grandiose way; as would of course be the case when a high power spirit person would have you see them as god-like. Another not uncommon related behavior of theirs is that they will abuse you while acting as though they are your friend, and in fact be even sincere in desiring, albeit in a perhaps warped and demented way, to be your friend.

It is also not in the least unusual, based on the belief some among them hold that wrong doing is not only excusable but and somehow cosmologically necessary, and thus and on this basis they would have you believe they somehow have some claim on everyone. Everyone owes them, every one MUST measure up to their standards or answer for their complaints; so all important are their selfish interests and the role the universe requires of them. Likewise, there is this mentality that if there is wrong or harm done, then God, as it were, will foot the bill. And if He won't, well then he's not much of a God or else there is no God. Implied by this is the belief that God is, at bottom, at fault for any and everything wrong, or as Goethe put it "Nemo contra Deum nisi Deus ipse." While this may and understandably perhaps challenge some philosophically, even so and not surprisingly, such tenet becomes an all too convenient excuse for a very guilty individual to absolve themselves of blame and responsibility. At the same time and in practice, such who do take this view are themselves hardly ever, if ever, either honest or rational moralists, and instead invariably are little better than conscience-less yahoos or anarchists seeking to justify their own amorality and hypocrisy.

In sum, owing in large part to the often sick, deranged, and horrendous crimes they have committed they have made themselves detestable, and thus are understandably shunned. As a result they seek to get attention and or raise themselves up to a position of highest importance in the grand order of things, and this lack of self-esteem, you see, is often the cause or else part of the cause of their arrogance and trouble making.

As a further aspect of this mindset in question, it is routine among many of them to make it their business to cause trouble, whether a little bit or much, simply and solely for the purpose of causing trouble; though and of course they will have what they claim is a just and compelling reason for their acting so. And they do this both to get attention and because they are told to do so by higher-ups, and who firmly believe, and religiously, that violence and vandalism and or other obnoxious pranks are fully justified if carried out on behalf of motives of envy and or self-pity. From which one is inclined to infer that even if evil can't succeed in conquering, it ever and apparently gives them infinite self-satisfaction to just needle and harass others.

With respect to the question of spirits or sprites (i.e., by this we mean spirit persons unusually small or tiny in size) entering and leeching on a regular person's body, as, for example, is associated with demonic "possession," it is unclear whether such are a) just entering a person to "ride" them, say like a horse; b) find shelter and inhabit the host as in a sort of mobile dwelling, and or c) whether they are literally "feeding," somehow, off the regular person's physicality; and or some combination of these possibility. In passing, it is worth mentioning that these possessing or inhabiting spirits can sometimes be ejected or cast out by placing the regular person victim nearby to heavy metal machinery, particularly thinking of a jack hammer. The vibrations of the latter will, as likely or not and if the vibrations are sufficiently violent and the exposure is for more than just a brief length of time, shake the spirit from the nest they have created for themselves in the host.

[To be resumed next week.]


5. But there were also others, steadfast and blessed pillars of the Lord, who, receiving strength from Himself, and obtaining power and vigour worthy of and commensurate with the force of the faith that was in themselves, have proved admirable witnesses for His kingdom. And of these the first was Julianus, a man suffering from gout, and able neither to stand nor to walk, who was arranged along with two other men who carried him. Of these two persons, the one immediately denied Christ; but the other, a person named Cronion, and surnamed Eunus, and together with him the aged Julianus himself, confessed the Lord, and were carried on camels through the whole city, which is, as you know, a very large one, and were scourged in that elevated position, and finally were consumed in a tremendous fire, while the whole populace surrounded them. And a certain soldier who stood by them when they I were led away to execution, and who opposed the wanton insolence of the people, was pursued by the outcries they raised against him; and this most courageous soldier of God, Besas by name, was arranged; and after bearing himself most nobly in that mighty conflict on behalf of piety, he was beheaded. And another individual, who was by birth a Libyan, and who at once in name ' and in real blessedness was also a true Macar although much was tried by the judge to persuade him to make a denial, did not yield, and was consequently burned alive. And these were succeeded by Epimachus and Alexander, who, after a long time spent in chains, and after suffering countless agonies and inflictions of the scraper and the scourge, were also burnt to ashes in an immense fire.
~Dionysius of Alexandria, "the Great" (bishop c.247-265), Epistles, and fragments of epistles, of Dionysius


"On Reason, Morality and the would-be gods" (rough draft) continued from earlier.

Earlier in my "New Treatise" I mentioned how getting or making others guilty is fundamental to (what I referred to as) "Hell" policy. One might say that inasmuch as hard core criminal spirit people are the most guilty people there are, it is as if they own the rights to wrong doing. So that if you act badly, and the more you act badly, you transgress or infringe on their rights and domain, and thus, at least if they care to make a case of it, you become answerable to them. This is in addition to the useful principle that, and generally speaking, the more stupid, and irrational a person, the easier it is for criminal spirit people in charge to control and, as need be, make use of them. As a logical corollary for establishing their criminal rule and themselves as would-authority, they seek to eliminate or remove from power and influence leadership among people that is most moral and rational. In this respect, they endeavor to remove more moral and virtuous persons from positions of leadership to increase their own power; at the same time in doing so they, by implication, send send a signal to the other would-be moral and virtuous not to challenge their sway and governance. In sum, by skimming off or removing the most good people from off the top tiers of society, they preserve, indoctrinate, and cultivate for their own benefit the much larger collective situated below that of the highest in the varied subsidiary moral, cultural, and political hierarchies of society.

Yet being "bad" or guilty is not, at least for many at any rate, without its down or regrettable side. For example, some might after all feel remorse or conscience for massacring innocents. One way they have or try to get around this as a possible problem is to deny or play down free will; the logic being that if a person is forced or compelled into wrong doing then they are not guilty or else coercion by others makes them seem less so. Such reasoning is not infrequently welcome by many, as they just as soon not be more guilty than they are. Consequently, the illusion is created and encouraged that they ARE forced, say by some mysterious greater order of the universe, to do wrong; so that given this approach a person feels less compunction acting badly since they have been led to believe they cannot or cannot much (depending on the crime) really help it. Guilt implies punishment which they understandably fear; indeed "Fear has to do with punishment," 1 John 4:18. And thus ways are sought to avoid guilt or the implication of such.

To make this all the more easy to take in and apply as a principle, there is this pronounced tendency among them to be childish, as if they were just and only mischievous children behaving in error, and not really BAD people as their actions might else suggest or imply.

In Matthew 11: 16-17, Jesus says: "To what shall I compare this generation? It is like children who sit in marketplaces and call to one another, We played the flute for you, but you did not dance, we sang a dirge but you did not mourn." "This generation" is acting as a tempter, a veritable devil, and seeking to draw God out to what they want him to do. And yet they are also seemingly and merely playful children just having fun.

As stated, they have different personalities, characters and backgrounds and when we speak of certain tendencies and attitudes such might be true of some and yet not others. Envy, jealousy, and self-pity are characteristic and not untypical of their leadership. Nor is it unusual to encounter these disposition from among their regular person followers. Indeed, if one have the least familiarity with how some of these sorts typically think, you will know one of their most favorite rebuttals or grounds of refusal to any and anything you might constructively suggest; and no matter how genuinely helpful to them your suggestion might be, is: "Absolutely not! I do it MY way -- not YOUR way," and this oft times with a sneer implying they don't think you are SO great as to do anything YOU think (i.e., such that they somehow, to their great insult and dishonor, MUST listen to you.)

With respect to darker behavior, some will have an acute and unbelievably high tolerance for cruelty, and make light of things that others would dread, blush at, or be utterly ashamed of. Truly, many would be utterly surprised and amazed at how persistently and incorrigibly bad, that is for such very long periods of time, some these people can be. Then there are those somewhat like this, but not so much so. "Fear is the father of cruelty," said James Kirke Paulding.[Note. From "The Little Dutch Sentinel" found in his short story collection "The Book of Saint Nicholas" (1836).] The more terror rules, the more cruelty can be expected. And in a world ruled by an amoral regime like this and for which terror, along with deception, are the basis and foundation of their power, there can be no wonder so many, whether people or animals, suffer so harshly and or unspeakably in this life (as many do.)

Again they like to pride themselves on the idea that they know virtually everything, at least that is worth knowing; often imagine themselves to be funny when they rarely are ever actually so; all of which only serves, as they see it, to excuse their not infrequent cold blooded arrogance.

There is, based on my own experience dealing with them, good reason to believe that it is not unusual for some to get high on some kind of drugs or intoxicants and or group orchestrated hysteria or terror of the moment, and which might on a particular occasion, disperse any qualms and free up dispositions for wrong doing which the targets of such manipulation might not else be so inclined to. Then there are things like bribes and various sorts of mind control and clever sophistry to persuade the potentially reluctant. But the fact is almost no one can escape the necessity of the moral law. Even so there are ways, and depending on the individual, that it can to some degree be minimized if not quashed and eradicated entirely.

I can by no means speak as somehow having proven the fact, but I would take it as a given that many if not all of the hideous and unnatural practices of tribal and primitive peoples were prompted and instilled by criminal spirit people. Such, at any rate, seems to me (though others are free to disagree) the more likely explanation for things like cannibalism, human and animal sacrifice in its various forms, as well as and incidentally practices like making shrunken heads or outlandish bodily disfiguring, as in tattooing and, as in the case of some African tribes, artificially stretched neck and lip extensions. Based on this surmise, it was criminal spirit people who conveyed to both the ancient Egyptians and Aztecs that if such and such ritual, no matter how absurd and or inhuman, proposed was not followed, the sun would not rise. This understood, the ancient Egyptians and Aztecs were (insofar as we know) sure to do what they were told. If he can get people to agree to make complete fools of themselves, what else can't the more cunning and sophisticated person acquire or get out of them?

Hard core criminal spirit people not unusually tend to be obsessed with degradation and humiliation, all the more so as they are inebriated with absolute power. And this, in part at least, is a product of perhaps their own self-loathing combined with a wish to more effectively mold and accustom unfortunate subjects and recipients of such treatment to wholesale submission and subservience, such as (for one of many instances that might be mentioned) how black slaves were sometimes brutally treated. One might object and say that it was "regular" people who acted thus. Yet for those who have ever been involved with criminal spirit at length, this preoccupation with degradation and humiliation will be readily recognized as being familiar; hence it is not entirely unreasonable to infer the possibility of criminal spirit people, on some level, influencing such actions and atrocities. Again, we cannot say we have proven HERE that such was necessarily the case, but it won't hurt to make mention of what I think many will agree, particularly those who are acquainted with these people, is a more than likely and correct explanation for grotesque and bizarre sadism, whether in our own times or historically.

[To be resumed next week.]

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